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re: Madeleine foundation

Deborah Butler 26 October 2009 at 20:13

If anyone wants information please ring me or email me. I will not be in contact with Mr Bennett as from this evening. Thank you to all



This is to record the fact that after you gave me a briefing about the visit of a police officer to you tonight re Mike Gunnill, you then falsely accused me of:
1) having agreed to accede to Carter-Ruck's demands BEFORE visiting Liverpool
2) insisting in travelling in one car rather than two to Liverpool simply because I was afraid that you would drive off not having agreed to Carter-Ruck's demands.

Of course, it was to save petrol!

When I told you repeatedly tonight that these accusations were utterly groundless, you repeated them and said you had no doubt, then said:"Right, there's no alternative then, the Madeleine Foundation will have to be dissolved; those who want to go with me will go with me, and those who want to go with you will go with you".

You then made other claims about what I intended to do that were wholly untrue.As I've said by e-mail, if we cannot at least agree on the practical steps we need to take The Madeleine Foundation forward, we must call a formal meeting of all members - an Annual Meeting in fact - and then a Committee can be properly elected to carry us forward.You have made false accusations against me on a previous occasion.I can overlook certain things but not being repeatedly accused of things that are untrue.We have practical issues to sort out and discuss and I'll happily meet to discuss those. But not to hear more groundless accusations


Deborah 26 October 2009 at 21:12

Mr Bennett has cut me orrrf , ie put the phone down , I am an honest person and will answer any questions put to me by any poster here . Other than that I am speechless.


Butler got a police visit, she's pissed, she's realized it was her face on that newspaper, not Bennett's - and that they went to his solicitors, his friends - she feels taken advantage of for whatever reason.

Butler has received a formal police caution re Mike Gunnill tonight

Tony Bennet says (on MM forum) 27 October 2009


Just a few points about The Madeleine Foundation.Undoubtedly for Debbie, myself and The Madeleine Foundation the landscape has changed since Carter-Ruck wrote their letters to us on 27 and 28 August. Just to make a couple of points clear, first, in answer I think to Bren, yes, Debbie and I received separate letters, making similar but slightly different points against each of us. Second, it was only I that received a letter from Carter-Ruck on behalf of Brian and Patrick Kennedy. That I dealt with in a letter dated 17 September, and as I've not heard back from Carter-Ruck on that point, I may reasonably assume by now, six week later, that the Kennedys are reasonably content with my response.The meeting at Kirwans added additional pressures given the very forceful advice that even if one sentence was found to be libellous, each of us could face financial ruin. Normally I don't lack courage in the face of adversity, but the serious prospect of losing my half of our home and some savings accumulated for old age clearly concentrated the mind, as that is not a threat I've ever faced on some of my other campaigns.A further letter from Carter-Ruck arrived in my inbox by e-mail at 5.45 on Friday 23 October - it's now Tuesday and I've not seen the hard copy version.It appears that, inter alia, the McCanns believe that not only should our website be permanently suspended and all copies of '60 Reasons' and '10 Reasons' in our possession destroyed, but they take exception to the continued existence of The Madeleine Foundation and our holding meetings.A passage of their 4-page letter, on page 3, reads as follows:"As further proof that your campaign against our clients is ongoing, we are aware that you issued a statement (about forthcoming MF meetings) on behalf of yourself and Ms Butler at 23.35 on 2 October 2009 (that is, only a few hours after you purported to 'accede' to our clients' demands) We understand that you did indeed proceed to hold a meeting of the so-called 'Madeleine Foundation' in Cardiff on 3 October 2009".The Madeleine Foundation website is no more, but The Madeleine Foundation itself is unaffected by the McCanns' demands made via their libel Solicitors Carter-Ruck. Our program of meetings continues, starting with tomorrow's meeting in Cardiff and our meeting in Manchester on 14 November'.Carter-Ruck require a response to their letter by Friday, even though the hard copy version of their letter has not yet arrived. It'll take up a bit more time replying to that.Two points about our future plans.The Madeleine Foundation will be meeting in Manchester on 14 November. Second, we shall be calling a meeting of our subscribing members shortly and at that more formal meeting we will take decisions about precisely where we go from here.I should also make it clear for the record here that the website now running on is no longer in any way shape or form owned or controlled by The Madeleine Foundation, but has been taken over by Stevo, as must be clear from anyone who's been over to that site recently. Thus we have no website at present.I can't speak for Debbie, as I don't know, but I have already provided Carter-Ruck with a signed written undertaking:“Not to publish in any medium whatsoever the allegation that the McCanns know that their daughter Madeleine is dead, and either caused or allowed her death, and that the McCanns have knowingly covered up this fact”.This was the wording required in Carter-Ruck's letter of 27 August.That clearly restricts very much what I am able to publish, for example on this forum, about the mystery of how Madeleine McCann disappeared, and partly for that reason, I have decided to withdraw from this forum until further notice. Much of the notes and analysis I have accumulated on the case simply cannot be drawn on and discussed here in the light of my undertaking above.I have said what I have said about why Madeleine disappeared and that has brought me almost to the door of the High Court - indeed it might very well do so dispute the undertaking, for one reason or another. I cannot go on saying the same things.

Another reason for departing is that inevitably various questions arise and one's motives are questioned and it becomes tiresome to answer them all.Just to give one example, Debbie raised an issue about 4 cheques yesterday. Just for the record, both Debbie and I must sign all cheques issued by The Madeleine Foundation. As we are about 60 miles apart, Debbie has sometimes signed two or three blank cheques in advance as is common in such situations. The basis of that is mutual trust and no cheque has gone out unless we both know precisely what it is for. At Liverpool we had our chequebook and on this occasion Debbie signed four in advance - none of those have yet been used and signed yet, as under normal circumstances I would speak to her before issuing a cheque for any reason. I'd like to thank Ambersuz here for inviting me to join the forum, which I've much enjoyed, except for that awful period in the month after 3As shut down when most of the most insidious trolls encamped here en masse until booted out by Ambersuz.

Finally, Debbie, as you started this thread, thank you for all you have done so far within The Madeleine Foundation and elsewhere to help find out the truth about Madeleine; if you feel I've let you and the cause down by giving in to Carter-Ruck's demands - and perhaps I have - then I'm sorry.




Re: Madeleine Foundation

Ambersuz 28 October 2009 at 15:33

I agree 100% with Bren here. There is absolutely no problem whatsoever that Tony has conceded to Carter Rucks demands but the truth is he conceded long before that meeting with the solicitors in Liverpool and I basically want to know why he changed his mind and why he didnt inform Debbie or the MF members of it before their wasted drive up to Liverpool!I also want to know why he is asking Debbie to sign blank cheques when he can no longer sell or distribute booklets or leaflets. I want to know why he is asking the public via this forum for postage stamps and money for a fighting fund when he has said Carter Ruck has won and he has no intention of using David Kirwan's firm. If Tony has plans up his sleeve then he should be sending out emails to members of the MF and telling them all about it. Admittedly I had all my trust with Tony and this is not about knocking Tony when he's down.....this is finding out that things are not what they seem and the members of the MF should be informed immediately and be told the truth and nothing less.Maybe Tony cannot distribute booklets or leaflets but I will not allow him (on this forum) to use others to do what he isn't allowed to do so they can then take the blame while the MF bank account fills with cash.Until I get TRUTHFUL answers the rest of the MF threads will be closed to the members of this forum.

Ambersuz, Administrator

Re: Madeleine Foundation

Ambersuz, 28 October 2009 at 19:48

I agree, Deborah and Tony did do more than most; however it pains me to say that I have spoken at great length to Debbie and also someone else who has confirmed that Debbie has told me the same story and due to what I've been told I personally no longer wish to associate the forum with the Madeleine Foundation, especially with Tony......

Debbie has worked hard for the Foundation and has been vilified in the press and she needs to start afresh and she will get whatever support she needs from MM to carry on with her new venture, which we have spoken about and are pleased to endorse.....

Debbie will remain with the Foundation until a solution can be worked out between her and Tony and that’s why I've removed all threads and discussions with regards to the Foundation.....Tony has had a good few weeks to contact me either via email or call my home or mobile. He hasn’t given me the time of day so I will not support his cause (whatever it may be) on this forum from this point onwards…


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