Thursday, 26 November 2009

– 25 November 2009

Tony Bennett Today at 5:36 pm

This is just to report here that yesterday in the Queens Bench Division, Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann made an application against me, Reference 5196 of 2009, for an unspecified amount of damages for libel, though limited to 'no more than £50,000', and for an injunction restraining me from making any further libellous allegations against them.

On the basis of previous correspondence conducted via Carter-Ruck since their first e-mailed letter sent on 27 August 2009, and on the basis of a signed undertaking by myself earlier this month, the following has been agreed BY CONSENT:

1. I have given a number of undertakings as required by Carter-Ruck on behalf of the McCanns

2. The McCanns have agreed that the proceedings be 'stayed' indefinitely, that is, suspended or held in abeyance

3. I have already paid what was said to have been the Court fee of £440.00. There was no personal appearance in Court by any of the parties.

4. The McCanns have made no other claim against me in respect of their costs.

Carter-Ruck stated today: This is the end result of the Carter-Ruck letter to me on 27 August alleging harassment and libel. The harassment issue against me was dropped.I don't know what is happening re. the Carter-Ruck letters to Debbie Butler.The McCanns can apply to proceed with their action if they think I am in breach of my undertakings, and the Court could consider me in contempt of court, remedies for which include fines, seizure of assets, a prison term, or all three.Equally, should new information come to light, I could apply to have the Order lifted.

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