Sunday, 15 November 2009


Debbie is playing a game here and it is all lies, lies and obfuscation. She said we rode in my Noddy car to the Solicitors and she filled up with petrol 1,700 times on the way due to the sheer mileage between our homes and Liverpool. Not true. I filled up several times and she continued to bleat on about my spilling MacDonald crumbs over the place after her frequent outbursts of hilarity and such. People thought she was sobbing in the car. Not true. She was laughing. We had Stevo tied up in the boot and he was laughing too.

I have reported Deborah Butler to the Police for misrepresentation of the former Madeleine Foundation. The MF manifesto clearly states that it will NOT assist the McCanns in their endeavours. The MF only has a few goals in mind (1) bringing the McCanns to Court (2)making them confess (3)generally making their lives unbearable. I think MF has succeeded on several counts.

Whilst peddling the '60 reasons' leaflet around the UK, Ms Butler clearly stated, whilst grinning like a Cheshire cat, that she was helping the McCanns and Madeleine in particular. Many people she solicited in Oxford and other towns can be identified and the story corroborated that the Madeleine Foundation was collecting donations illegally under the pretence that it was helping to find Madeleine. Our manifesto clearly stated that it had “no interest in helping to find madeleine”

During an interview by Anne Davies of BBC’s ‘East Midlands Today’ Deborah Butler clearly re-stated that “she was helping the McCanns”. This is not true. She herself had previously held a venomous stance against the McCanns.


15 November 2009

Dear Member

Your Committee and several other members met yesterday in Warrington, Lancashire.

New Website

Our former website at has been offline for a week and had passed out of our control to Mr. Steve Marsden, our former webmaster, on 2 October 2009.

You can view offline the material we have for our new site. Please ask if you would like to see it in its development stage before we go online. A Midlands-based is carrying out the work.

The content will be different from the former Madeleine Foundation. The Carter Ruck requirements mean that we can no longer make specific allegations against the McCanns.

Bank Account

Regrettably, our current bank account, in which we hold £2,766 has been frozen on the instructions of our former Chairman, Debbie Butler. This means no payments can be made out of or into our account. She took this action within hours of being expelled from membership. We are working with Lloyds TSB to resolve this situation. In the meantime, we may have to open a second account.


In order to settle the demands made by Carter Ruck in their letter to Tony Bennett of 27 August 2009 regarding the McCanns, he has had to give an undertaking to the High Court – and we quote from the Court document:

“Not to repeat allegations that the McCanns are guilty of, or are to be suspected of, causing the death of their daughter Madeleine McCann and/or of disposing of her body, and/or lying about what happened and/or seeking to cover up what they had done”.

We emphasise that these are undertakings that Tony Bennett himself has given to the Court. They do not bind any other citizen of the UK, whether a member of The Madeleine Foundation or not. However, we would advise all our members that they may run the risk of receiving a letter from Carter Ruck if they can be identified as having made similar comments about the McCanns. We would advise that you use cautious language in anything you say in writing, about what may have really happened to Madeleine McCann.

Chairman: Grenville Green
Secretary: Tony Bennett
Treasurer: Sharon Lawrence

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