Thursday, 4 February 2010


Statement from Mike Gunnill
Thursday, 04 February 2010
mikegunnill Today at 9:09 am

1) A courier this morning at 08.00 collected the envelope, 60 Reasons book, 10 Reasons leaflet, a receipt signed by Anthony Bennett plus emails between myself and Mr Bennett. The book was purchased by contacting Mr Bennett directly via email. The money was posted to his home address in Harlow. Cash was sent ( £5 ) as payment, because I didn't want to send a cheque made payable to Mrs Bennett as requested by Anthony Bennett at the same address.2) Mr Bennett has admitted selling a copy of 60 Reasons to me. There are two further examples but I only required proof of one sale.3) I am grateful to this forum for allowing me to make public and open contact with Mr Anthony Bennett.4) The third party has asked me not make any further comment or postings, which I have agreed to do. I have also agreed to make a personal statement to the third party.


Mike Gunnill was on the receiving end of a particularly nasty personal attack led by Steve Marsden, the web master of the then Madeleine Foundation website. Marsden set up a cloned mikegunnill website onto which he hurled various slurs against Mike. In reaction to this attack Mike regrettably had to close down his website during this attack.

Mr Bennett was fully aware of the legal bindings issued to him by Carter Ruck, the London based legal team that act for the McCanns. In selling the Foundation's Reasons booklet to Mike he has by all accounts broken this agreement.The ramifications of such an action are very serious indeed. It is my opinion that Mr. Bennett is looking for jail time over this breach of a High Court Order, whereupon he will play the martyr from his cell and continue his vendetta against the McCanns. Such a desperate move will bring extra publicity for his 'cause' and Mr. Bennett will view a 3 month stretch as a necessary evil. He has no future career to consider and he will take full advantage of the prison education system. Carter-Ruck should take heed. The only way to stop people like Mr. Bennett is by smacking them very hard in the Bank Account. Make him pay hard in monetary terms for the rest of his life.


Friday 22 January, 10.24pm

Dear Mr Sangerte

I have at last located a copy of '60 Reasons'.If you would like me to arrange to send it to you, please send a cheque for £5.00 made out to 'Maria Bennett' to the address below and, on receipt, I will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

Tony Bennett
66 Chippingfield
Essex CM17 0DJ

Letter from Michael Sangerte to Tony Bennett,enclosing £5 note,
sent 23 January 2010:

Dear Mr Bennett
I enclose £5 in cash for payment of the 60 Reasons book. I am most pleased you managed to locate a copy for me. I am grateful. My address is below.Thank you again and may I wish you well with your efforts.


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